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Strategies and Services Tailor Made for YOU

AdviceLink Financial Planning Pty Ltd pride ourselves on delivering a Quality Service as Financial Planners for our clients. Through the following four core aspects of our Business we help clients achieve their goals through a consultative process which ensures they are comfortable with the outcomes.





The Advice Process

  • Where are you now?
    At this stage of the process we get an understanding of you and your Goals and Objectives, whilst also identifying your needs and any concerns you may have.
  • Can we Value Add?
    Here we assess how we can improve your current situation, save you money and identify strategies. This is also the stage at which we provide you with a Quote for Our Services.
  • Formulate your Strategy
    This is an in depth stage of the process where we gather further information and ascertain the appropriate level of risk and suitable asset allocation. We can provide you with building and modelling strategies, conduct further research and develop a comprehensive plan.
  • Present your Plan
    We meet with you again and explain the recommendation we are making. In this we also discuss consequences and understand solutions, and educate you on the products so you understand how we achieve results.
  • Implement Advice
    This is where the strategies and plans are executed. Any transfers are arranged, applications and documentation are completed and where we attend to rollovers. We also involve your Accountant and Solicitor at this stage of the process, and as part of our quality service we follow up on processes and keep you informed along the way.
  • Ongoing Advice
    AdviceLink Financial Planning will continue to stay in touch with you and review and track your goals. In this part of the process we would rebalance when required, look at updates to legislation and take that into consideration and review your position.